Paul Brandwein Artwork

"Groundation" 32" x 24" 2018

Paul Brandwein's sexy and sacred sculptures are the kind of work that draws the viewer in aesthetically and holds them conceptually.

--------Rebecca Rafferty in the City Newspaper, Nov. 3 2010

"It’s an understatement to say that his work is engaging. It is bright, bold, sensuous, erotic, often challenging, always distinctive, meticulous and crafted. Brandwein is both painter and ceramicist. Biology in both popular and academic senses is a key to his work. As is geometry, his abstractions concerned with pattern, convexity, topology, the perfection of curve and line.
All of which misses the direct and immediate appeal of his work. Appeal, that is. to a wide often traditional audience....”

------Keith McFarlane, creator of Artportal Negative Entropy B.V.