• Work in upcoming 2011 Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition

    Three of my pieces have been selected to appear in this year's Finger Lakes Exhibition:


  • Feature review by Rebecca Rafferty in the City Newspaper, Nov. 3 2010

  • WHAM Interview with Bleu Cease about RoCo 6x6x2010

    During the following interview, my kinetic piece "Alarming Developments" is shown repeatedly. Toward the end of the interview Bleu demonstrates it by turning it on:


  • Rebecca Rafferty, The Elephant In The Room -62nd Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition, July 29, *City Newspaper*

    A few of the artists work with the concept of the "other" within human society. On the cell phone tour...Paul Brandwein explains that his ceramic and acrylic painted "Orange Yoni" is a Hindu symbol for the feminine aspect of creation. Much of his work focuses on the vaginal form...The surface is coated with electric colors and lines like crackling energy, with the center like a river of blood rimmed with luminous bright yellow. I'm always impressed with his lady-reverence - with so many objects to worship in this day and age Brandwein is bringing us back to the basics and our origins. The form reminds us of the mixed relationship humans have with feminine sexuality: it's treated as essential and sacred, but also filthy and taboo, and the owners of the magical V have suffered because of this.

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  • * Rebecca Rafferty, June 10, 2009, *City Newspaper* Deep six, _6x6x2009_

    ...Paul Brandwein's wonderful pieces were recognizable, and each were snapped up immediately.

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  • Earth Yoni is in the "Small" show at *High Falls Art Gallery*

    The Small show features work that is 12" or less in any dimension.The opening is on May 24, from 3-6 at High Falls Art Gallery at 60 Browns Race in Rochester. The show runs through July 11th.

  • Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 19 2009

    ( Photo of Germination appears in announcement of Heart show at the High Falls Fine Art Gallery, Rochester, NY)

  • Rebecca Rafferty, Dec. 10, 2008, *City Newspaper*

    Rochester Contemporary Members Show:

    Paul Brandwein's playful miscellany will not be contained. "Outside the Box" is a mixed media colorful square whose innards recede into space, with bright bits of shape caught here and there creeping outward from the main square.

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